About Us

White Plastiq is first and foremost a band (music project, music group, artist, musician, whatever you want to call it). Although it may appear at times to be some sort of activist group or movement, and does carry with it a strong purpose and intention to wake up America and improve the world, it is still primarily a music project.

I am writing to you as the individual who owns and who started White Plastiq. At the time of this writing it is just myself who is involved. However, I use “we” because it is uncertain as to how many will take part in this project and I expect there will indeed be others, be it specifically for live performances, musical pieces or other aspects of this project, or as consistent contribution. I don’t want to fail to include due credit for anyone who has contributed to this project in anyway, hence I believe using “we” acts as a blanket cover, where specific credit isn’t or can’t be provided. I do though make an effort to credit everyone by name.

We hope that many people will hear our message and warning, get mad (because we should be) and do everything we can to slow the money machine down and ultimately put an end to their reign.